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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Fortunately, there's a revolutionary solution now available to you.

..Canon has launched its unique Managed Document Services (MDS) to help offices across Australia manage their printing in a more streamlined and efficient way . Its strategic and tailored approach to managed document solutions makes the document printing process less costly, more environmentally-friendly and lets your office get back to work - instead of battling with the printer.

Do you know how much you spend on printing Or who's reading what you printFor most businesses, print expenditure is a fairly constant and unavoidable cost - something that gets absorbed into your monthly overheads lebron 9 cheap. In fact many organisations don't know exactly how much they spend on printing every year.

Meanwhile, traditional print station setups leave sensitive and secure information compromised, with 33 % of staff admitting that they have seen confidential documents lying around on printer output trayslebron 9 cheap.Managers are currently wasting 24% of their time searching for information.

..Meanwhile, you have valuable IT staff wasting their precious hours wrestling with printer jams in the photocopier or decoding error messages - and that's costing your business money. Fortunately, there's a new and innovative way to manage your office printing processes. Canon MDS starts with a consultative "Discover" process, to better understand how your business uses printing right now and in the future. Canon then works on an individual tailored solution to fit your needs - so it will match your business structure. MDS then works with your team to transition them to a new system offering clear communication to all staff and training where needed. Canon consultants will continually work with you to manage the implemented solutions with an ongoing review process to ensure they continue to deliver improved efficiency and results.